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Truth for Today is a 30-minute weekly Bible study programme. Each week the team take a reflective look at the Bible.

The programme is broadcast on Premier Radio, London, UK, at 06:00 UK time each Lord's Day (Sunday) morning.

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Our current series, on Truth for Today, "Lessons from Bible Journeys", considers several journeys in the New Testament which were not only arranged by God, but also special, dramatic and in every case life changing.

In the latest uploaded broadcast, Christ's ministry - Jerusalem to Bethany (Emmaus) - Luke 24:13-35, Paul Thomson commences the the series by the journey that two dejected people made just after the Lord's crucifixion, and how He came alongside and spoke with them.

Please do not hesitate to look at our Programme Archives where you can find all Truth for Today programmes since the programme started broadcasting in April 1998, split into various categories.

Publications. Some of the Truth for Today transcripts have been published in either a book or a pocket-sized booklet. Please visit our publications page for more information.

Study Guides. All the transcripts in some of the Truth for Today series have been compiled to make some study guides for that particular series. Please visit our study guide page for more information.

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Forthcoming broadcasts, God willing
Lessons from Bible Journeys
1 February 2015 Philip's call - Samaria to Gaza Acts 8 David Pulman
8 February 2015 Saul's conversion - Jerusalem to Damascus Acts 9 Gordon Kell
15 February 2015 Peter's commission - Joppa to Caesarea Acts 10 David Anderson
What Christ is to us
22 February 2015 Saviour Stephen Thomson
1 March 2015 Lord David Hughes
8 March 2015 Head George Stevens
15 March 2015 Great High Priest and Advocate Ernie Brown

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